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Car loan: Auto show will soon open its doors

What if you came face to face with the car of your dreams? We wish you! Your budget does not allow it? Do not give up on your dream: take advantage of the Good Lenders Credit car loan. Learn more at

Each year, the auto show attracts a large audience. The largest showroom in the country allows you to discover the innovations of the automotive sector in a very special atmosphere and to offer you a dream car at salon conditions. Does all this remain for you the domain of the dream, for lack of the necessary budget?


Give yourself freedom

car loan

Buying a car at salon conditions does not necessarily mean spending all your savings. This is what the car loan is for: you borrow a certain amount over a fixed period and you repay a fixed sum each month. You thus keep a margin in your budget and you spread your expenses over time.

Good Lenders Credit allows you to take out a car loan for both a new and used vehicle. As an independent credit broker, we offer you a loan at the best conditions. Your request is in fact submitted to several credit companies and you receive a fully tailor-made proposal without obligation.


The conditions of a car loan

The conditions of a car loan

To qualify for a car loan, you must be a natural person, be able to prove that you are the person making the request, be at least 22 years old and have a fixed income. At Good Lenders Credit, we advise you on the ideal duration and the amount of the monthly payments. We take into account the amount to borrow, your repayment capacity, the monthly payments and the interest rate.

This year, you will no longer just go to the auto show for the ambiance. Thanks to a car loan, you will soon be driving the car of your dreams, without having to break your piggy bank. Good Lenders Credit helps you find the loan at the best conditions according to your personal situation.

Simulate your loan and request a tailor-made and non-binding offer or contact us for more information. Warning, borrowing money also costs money!