Commercial real estate on credit: it’s easy!


If lending to purchase residential real estate in the country does not surprise anyone, then few are faced with the purchase of commercial properties. But this is a profitable solution for those companies and entrepreneurs who need an office or premises for production on an ongoing basis.

And if you want to grow your business without constantly paying rent or risk losing your premises at the whim of the tenant, contact the financial company: we will help you buy commercial real estate on the most favorable terms.

The minimum package of documents – and the loan is in your pocket!

The minimum package of documents - and the loan is in your pocket!

Our financial company understands how difficult it is to get bank loans. And therefore, we offer a simplified procedure for obtaining a financial loan for the purchase of commercial real estate.  

If you are an individual, a basic package of documents is enough from you: passports, TIN and a package of documents for real estate that you provide as a pledge.

  If you are a legal entity, the package of documents will be a little more:

  • Certificate of registration of FOP or TOV.
  • Passport and TIN FOP or passports and TIN of director and accountant TOV.
  • Charter of the enterprise.
  • Documents for real estate (collateral) for a private entrepreneurial fund / Permission of founders to transfer a real estate object as a pledge to a financial company and a statement of the book value of the object for TOV.
  • Technical passport and photo of the object.

Loan offers

Loan offers

Our company offers loans for commercial real estate on the simplest and most favorable conditions: the loan rate is only 1.5%, and the amount can reach 80% of the value of the collateral. And the procedure for obtaining a loan will only take you a couple of hours.

At the same time, we do not require any additional commissions, or the presentation of your financial statements upon approval, or fines for early repayment. And if necessary, we will help you to solve difficulties with debt repayment and we will always meet you.

As much as possible, try to pay your credits on time because the overdue amount, along with the late payment fee and next month’s due, can be tough and heavy on the budget. These can pile up fast if you’re not careful.