Housewife loan without guarantor


A housewife loan without income and without guarantor It is of course possible to apply for a housewife loan without own income and without guarantor. A no income loan should only be taken out if you can repay it on time. Only a solvent consumer can be used as a guarantor. However, if someone is willing to guarantee a housewife loan, be aware that a credit check will be done. Only a solvent consumer can be used as a guarantor.

Credit for housewives 

Credit for housewives 

The term housewife loan is a common term for a loan that does not even exist in this form. Housewives do not have a regular earned income with which they can guarantee the repayment of a loan to the house bank. With a so-called housewife loan, the wealthy spouse must always sign the guarantee and loan agreement.

In Germany and certainly also in other European countries, it is not customary to grant loans to people who do not need to be checked. Housewives perform an important task in the host family and ultimately for the general public, but are not alone worthy of a book.

This is very different with the card, where you can either use your husband’s partner card or order a prepaid credit card yourself, but this can only be used if sufficient credit has been transferred to the credit card account beforehand.

Swiss pensioner loan – housewife loan

Swiss pensioner loan - housewife loan

Are you retiring from your bank as a pensioner? Are you looking for a Swiss loan for retirees because you still remembered the housewife loan without income from Switzerland? We can help you find loans with information on the creditworthiness of pensioners and alternative options for your bank’s bank loan. Loan applications from pensioners are left out by the bank without any property or guarantor in the background.

This does not even require Credit Bureau to reject it. With 854 USD net it is not attachable. No long loyalty to the commercial bank or strong statements to the secretary can persuade to grant a loan. The memory of the housewife’s credit without own salary at such a time gives hope for a Swiss loan for pensioners.

Mediators are still putting out over 3500 USD today. The housewife credit without Credit Bureau known from the 1970s no longer has anything to do with the current bids. But even in this case, a credit rating attempt is almost unsuccessful. At best, the pensioner would be single.

In this case, the current exemption limit for confiscation is USD 1,050. The net pensions would have to amount to around USD 1150 to draw on a loan free of procurement costs. With an average pension of less than USD 600, this is an almost utopian sum. A Swiss bond for pensioners, as would be granted by a real foreign bank, is therefore in most cases not a bond option.

For the positive case, there are options provided there is no negative Credit Bureau entry, but the creditworthiness is lost due to the pension level. The history of the customers and the Credit Bureau are checked. To prove the income, it is often sufficient to prove only a secured salary. The pension is secured, even if the pension amount is not sufficient for a Swiss pension credit or an ordinary bank loan claim.

Alternatively, whatever is possible would be the support of a competitor or a relative who appears on their own behalf. With the rejection of the Hungarian government, older people are still just two responsible, genuine substitutes for the Swiss pension credit. A pawnshop does not require the Hungarian side or the ability to repay. For pensioners with poor credit ratings, the second option would be microcredit.

A guaranteed monthly income of USD 500 is sufficient to have an opportunity to obtain a micro short-term loan via Vexcash. At least a small loan amount, from 100 to 500 USD, could bridge the time until the next pension. Serious lending to replace the Swiss loan for retirees could be done via Auxmoney or smartphone.

If Credit Bureau does not develop negatively, but only the pension income, which is too low for bank lending, the creditworthiness prospects are not even bad.