Loan for Housewife Without Income

The first step is to search for “credit online for housewives” etc. on the Internet. The husband must be able to prove a regular income. There is hardly a bank where loans are granted to housewives without collateral. The woman guarantees a loan from her husband, she is currently a housewife and has no income of her own. A housewife loan or a pensioner loan is repaid without any problems or delays.

Sign a loan agreement with or only with your spouse?

Sign a loan agreement with or only with your spouse?

Hello, my husband and I are planning to buy a fully financed apartment that is very cheap to buy (through a forced auction). He is the only breadwinner, I am a housewife and father of 4 years. What is the loan contract, should I sign it even if I don’t have my own income (which in extreme cases would have to be confiscated) or should only my husband sign it?

I have noted that you cannot really sign if you do not have your own income and are unable to repay the loan. Thank you very much for your answer! It is not legal for you as a woman to be cared for to sign the loan contract, no serious institution will ask for it.

That will probably be nothing without further (!!!!) guarantees. They don’t even know what the man deserves, what the two have for securities, and what the vacation rental would cost! If it were earning so well or there were securities – they wouldn’t need full funding, would they? Perhaps they have securities, for example condominiums, that they do not want to sell or that they suddenly take in excessively well.

No, not the place where some EM games took place, but the current guidelines of all credit institutions on credit security. Full funding is no longer approved without a guarantor. Regardless of how high the income or the selling price is. Without guarantor, own funds or other guarantees, it is almost impossible to get full funding.

How can you know that there are no securities in the form of condominiums etc.?

How can you know that there are no securities in the form of condominiums etc.?

It is up to them what they think is meaning and nonsense. I consider it a fairy tale that no 110% financing was offered. This opportunity was offered to me by a well-known house bank, although I did not even want to buy my own home.

It is only regrettable that the decisions of other users are repeatedly attacked here, although they have not asked for their opinion at all. The question arose whether she should or should sign the loan contract as a non-earning housewife. However, if you have not expressly asked for your opinion on this subject, I will keep my mouth shut or perhaps kindly point out, preferably from Russia.

I think it’s unfortunate that a lot of people mix up a discussion forum with a credit bureau. Well, everyone has to decide how much conversation culture they need! Our total income was 6000 USD gross AND we still had a customer ETW as own funds (50%) of the purchase price. Ideal presentation for the house bank, think!

Only small portions of the income were taken into account by the house bank: 3000 net income from independence Myereiner only counted 600?. “And that 110% financing was not offered, I consider a ghost. This opportunity was offered to me by a well-known house bank, although I did not even want to buy my own home.

The credit (probably for customer acquisition) was placed in OUTLOOK for you. Otherwise such a loan would be an internal audit case! The question of the EU Treaty, whether he can sign the loan agreement or not, proves one thing above all: that he has no disadvantage!

I’m certainly not an expert in finance (so I’m not going to buy a property), but I can give you individual examples that have been 110% funded in the past 2 years or where the property is sufficient for collateral. Too bad it wasn’t enough for you, but you don’t know the location of the TEE at all.

Undoubtedly, I’m not a financial professional (so I’m not buying a property), but I can give you some examples that have received 110% funded in the past 2 years, yes, as I said with some who worked with Vitamin B – I also know these individual cases – but they are all more or less close to enforcement.

As I said, a stricter lending policy has been in place since March / 08. or where the residential complex is sufficient for collateral. Of course, the ETW was recognized as a guarantee, but only after the sale! That alone cost us several T in the transitional financing, because the security is only secured when the funds are available.

I only came out of the loan contract because we were able to teach a guarantor (very very wealthy) from my ex’s host family who took over my responsibility in the house bank. No, the 110% financing procedures are not on the verge of foreclosure, and no, the apartments have been rented and still act as collateral.

Of course, without luxury equipment.